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Happy B'day Prime Minister!


Q. What has Prime Minister Atat Behori Vajpayee given to his constituency Lucknow ?

PM Atal Behari has not yet taken any major steps for the development of his constituency even after the citizens of Lucknow had given him another opportunity to become the PM, besides the number of promises given by him are continuously increasing and I believe that It would be quiet difficult for him to win this seat once again.

To save his Lucknow seat he should give priority to complete these works as soon as possible.

1. To create special employment for the citizens of Lucknow atleast one candidate from each family should be given a goverment job according to qualification, besIdes he should also try to create employment for the rest of the country.

2. Cleaning of river Gomti (under Gomti Action Plan) because of polluted water and 0% oxygen.

3. Street lights, roads, drinking water and electricity problems should be immediately solved throughout Lucknow and adjacent districts.

4. Instead of bus service some new three wheeler (nonpollution vehicle) service should be started with connecting one way system like USA and UK . (Because buses are very uncomfortable for Lucknowites and the traffic is very slow as roads are not as wide so buses can never make Lucknowites happy and comfortable).

5. Parks and tree plantations should be more widespread.

6. Any new policy/scheme for the development of Lucknow should be made keeping in min the next 50 years.

7. Charbagh railway station should be modified with unique systems having very less possibility of getting dirty.

8. More international flights should be started from Amausi international airport, Lucknow .



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