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You're Duped In Style At Mithai Shops

LUCKNOW, MAY 10, 2001

One thing which is common in most of the sweets shops is the weighing style. While weighing the sweets, the cover of the sweet box is kept with the weights to equalize the weight of the sweets, but it is absolutely wrong because there's a big difference in the weight of both part of the box.

The upper portion (cover) is upto 10 to 30 gms in weight while the lower is 60 to 120 gms which means whenever we buy 1 kg of sweets we lose 50 to 90 gms of sweets or Rs 5 to 9 everytime.

And in the shops using electronic weighing machine, the reduction in the amount of sweets increases because nothing can be kept on the other side of the machine to equalise the purchase. This means total loss equivalent to the weight of box.


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