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A Mega Fan


One person who will be hoping to meet Amitabh Bachchan at the Taj over the weekend Is Ramesh Verma, a lawyer of the city. For ever since the age of 16, he has been writing letters to his idol. One hundred letters, to be exact, including HellDiwali greetings. And the Big B has actually written back, mostly thank you notes, which he has preserved with great reverence.

Ramesh is also the proud owner of a number of autographed photos of the star. ‘Alter seeing my love, desire, dedication and devotion for Amitabh Bachehan, his wife Mrs Jaya and sort Abhishek have also started writing to me”, he says proudly.

His big moment came in December ‘99 when MP Amar Singh helped him meet the star he had worshipped for 10 years. Hence the photo you see here.

Will Ramesh get another chance on Saturday? Be there at the event sponsored by Miririda and Times Card. If nothing else, DJ Akhy will be serving up the usual explosive fare in those difficult ‘intezaar ki ghadiyan'.


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