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Theatre Number One


NOVELTY, FORMERLY Number One theatre in UP, has made it once again after giving 100 per cent collection from Yash Rajs latest Bollywood blockbuster “Mohabbatein”, within three weeks.

Earlier, the theatre had also made several records. The theatre holds the record for maximum number of jubilee and hit films in UP as well as in India .

The theatre, which keeps organising premier show in Lucknow , in which many big Bollywood filmstars have made personal appearances, is favourite theatre of Lucknowites.

Novelty has been declared the Number One theatre in UP by the Entertainment Department of the State Government. The theatre situated in the heart of Lucknow offers comfort and perfect entertainment (besides a huge capacity of 1052 viewers in a single show).

It is also equipped with world class sound system, Dolby digital Stereo Sound and DTS cornpound with QSC (world class approved speakers and ainpilfiers for theatre) which cost about Rs 40 lakh. Above all to avoid black marketing nearly half of the tickets are kept for current booking.


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