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A Builder Who's Sold On Films


LOVE, LIES, intrigue, murder and suspense in Switzerland ... And in the thick of it all, a builder from Lucknow . But Interpol isnt hounding him! He's producer Anil God. Recently back from the romantic Alps after the completion of probably the first-ever Indian telefilm shot entirely in a foreign country.

”Chocolate stars the suave Kumar Gaurav, bubbly Nikki Aneja and it was a fascinating experience”, says Goel. “It was telecast on Zee TV on April 8 and 15 and the feedback has been wonderful. Viewers loved the film”, he says adding, “Films is where my heart lies. . I've just got together with Sunil Batta to produce another feature film Amma.” Picking up on the genre of popular family dramas, Amma is a mother-oriented film and will be the first feature film from UP with all the shooting in the state.

“In fact, we hope it sets the trend for the development of the state as a major centre for the tinsel industry,” he told Lucknow Live, adding that “I am really focused on producing
more serials, telefllms and feature films particularly in the state to generate more employment. There is tremendous talent here and we must tap it.”

Indeed , Goel is a man of vision. He started as a builder and owns the construction company Agarwal Builders. Through the firm he's set standards in technical excellence too. More than 70 per cent of the electrical installation for MI-India Radio and Doordarshan acrqss the country, particularly in UP, Gujarat and MP, is credited to him. “But since childhood my target was to step into the television and film industry,” he muses.

So, he went on to launch his own production house Megha Cine Arts in 1998. After that, there was no looking back. He's produced several episodes of XZone and Saturday Suspense for Zee TV, Bum Chiki Bum for a satellite channel, Weda, a 52-episode serial for Lashkara channel, a 264 episode television serial for a Gujarati Channel and (Yup! there is more)... an audio album Sanani with Anuradha Paudwal for T-Series. Guess there's no stopping his series of achievements either. And his wife, son and daughter are very supportive. He manages to pack in work and pleasure so easily. Moreover, former chief secretary Yogendra Narain awarded him for his contribution to the film indusfly. With his eyes set on the future, the dynamic youth and potential in the state, Anil sure knows the El Dorado he's heading towards.

(Additional inputs from Rohit Sharma)



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