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PERFUMES: I love collecting as well as using perfumes from India as well as abroad. With more than 100 different fragrances in my personal almirah makes me happy everytime. I consider perfumes as a smell of success.

ORGANIC FOOD: I love organic food because they are free from pesticides, chemicals and any fungicide. They are good for health However, it is really difficult to find genuine organic food in Indian market mainly food range, being working with a company responsible for producing and selling organic products, I get few of the products like tea food supplements.

MUSIC: Music has always worked as a tool to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul. I prefer listening bollywood songs, bhajans and live rock shows and performance by international bands like limp bizkit, Shakira, Bryan Adams, Santana , Cher & Lauren Hoffmen.

MAKING FRIENDS: Making new friends is the most exciting things, I always love to do with great enthusiasm. I keep my friends in a list of category like senior friends, junior friends and friends but one thing which I have not done so far is losing the contact of even one of the friend I made in my past life, as of now altogether I have a friend circle of more than 600 professional, bureaucrats, unemployed, corporate honchos, journalists, editors and a lot more.

RED WINE & BEER: “Jiyo to shaan se, Piyo to shaan se”. I love enjoying hard drinks with my friends at the weekends. I prefer drinking beer and off course red wine occasionally.

PARTYING: Because of a huge friend circle, 15 out of 30 days in a month I enjoy partying and gossiping with my friends. I almost attend all the invitations, sometimes three party's in a day but I make sure that I definitely eat my home food.

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