Shri Rakesh Kumar Mittal (IAS)

       Mr.R.K.Mittal, a senior Indian Administrative Service officer, is the founder and Chief Coordinator of “Kabir Peace Mission” which seeks to create a happier society to live in. According to him, to be happy is to be in tune with nature and this is what “Positive Thinking” is. More we are able to tune with nature, the more positive we become. Reverse is the case when we distance away from it. In short, being positive means being a part of nature while being negative means apart from it.

       Mr. Mittal is widely read and travelled person and has been in close association with many enlightened souls engaged in the propagation of spiritual wisdom.


He was a member of Indian delegation to “The Millennium Award Peace Summit” held at UNO Headquarter, New York , in August 2000. Mr. Mittal sees life with this attitude and draws positive lessons from all events irrespective of their nature.

      Not only this, he has always shared his great successful achievements with others in the form of writing a book.
” POSITIVE LEARNING FROM LIFE” is one of his many books on positive living which I keep on reading regularly. His other books as well are meant for all occasion and can give strength to anyone in the hour of need.

      He says, Human life is very precious and is meant for achieving true happiness. Every life is a mix of good and bad experiences. Perhaps both have to exist. At times, the course of life turns so drastically that we are wonderstruck. This too happen both for good as well as bad. Someone has rightly said that half of ‘life' is ‘if' (note the two middle alphabets) and three-fourth is lie (read it without ‘f'). But to see life partially is not fair, it has to be seen in totality. From that point all experiences of life can be made enriching.

I believe he is the best human being I can ever meet in my entire life and I thank him for making me a part of his life and always sparing his precious time for me, “UNCONDITIONALLY”

Mr.Bharat Mitra & Mrs.Bhavani Lev
Chairman & President, Organic India
Founding Partner, Organic India

      Mr.Bharat Mitra & Mrs.Bhavani Lev, true visionaries and founder of a great eco-friendly company Organic India. They came to India to serve their guru ''Papaji'' and later stayed in India to serve the humankind.

      A couple now identified with a crusade to take ayurveda onto the global platform, Mr. Bharat Mitra(popularly known as 'Bharat Sir' ) and Mrs. Bhavani(popularly known as 'Bhavani Ma'am) met here in Lucknow in 1991, pursuing something which they describe succinctly as the ‘search for truth'. Born in 1964 in J e r u s a 1 e m, Bharat Sir's first contact with the world of plants and organic living came in the course of his four-year stint at an agriculture boarding school when he was just a teenager.

      Bhavani Ma'am, who was born in U.S., was introduced to Swami Sachinanda, disciple of Swami Sivananda in Virginia in 1982.She studied yoga from him and became a yoga teacher and remained associated with him for about 8 years.She had heard about Papaji in the 90s. and it was l997 when she first met him in Lucknow and could never go back. India is now a home for her and loves to spend time specially at her own farm with cows and peaceful evnvironment of nature.

      They believe that money is not everything. It is important that each person associated with them should rather be a "vehicle of consiousness" in this global world and should carry this flame with them wherever they go. They have now worked for years towards the upliftment of the society and to a great extent for the nurturing of marginal farmers. The true success of their so-hard efforts and long years of hard- work can be seen in the eyes and the happiness of farmers all around India especially in Azamgarh. It is the result of their contributions that the farmers of Azamgarh have now learnt to be self-dependent and their living standards have also improved considerably.

Carrying the flame of "consiousness" in the global market,
it is truly a pleasure and a learning experience for me to work with
Bharat Sir & Bhavani Ma'am and just to be with them from time to time.
Innocent at heart and true to their commitment of upliftment of the socity,
Bharat Sir and Bhavani Ma'am continue to carry on with their
journey of truth, devotion, service and integrity
and there is a lot that one can learn from them.
It is truly and honor to know them and be associated with them.


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