I am a common man and I do have a very common thinking about my parents, they are amongst the best parents on earth. I wish, if I get even one of them in my next life. My parents almost gave me everything I needed from the day I was born.

MY FATHER: Shri Basant Raj Sharma (S/O Shri late Baldev Raj Sharma)
        My father was born on Feb 2,1946 in a middle class family as the eldest son along with eight real brothers did enough struggling in his life and in reward he got his beautiful intelligent wife and of course three children's, My elder sister Sangeeta,younger Amit and off course myself. He worked with Indian Railways for 37 years and won several awards for his honesty and integrity.


MY MOTHER: Smt Pushpa Sharma
        My mother was born on January 01, 1951 in a middle class family with two brothers. She got married at the age of 20 and did enough struggling with my father. She loves cooking and can cook any number of dishes either Indian, continental, South Indian, Chinese, Punjabi or what-so- ever. Here I will say all of my friends loves and enjoy any kind of food cooked by my mother. Interestingly, with the grace of “God” and blessings of my mother, I do learned how to cook better food, one most important lesson I learned from my mother is to always serve the food with real intentions before you offer someone any kind of food, She also says serving food is always more important than cooking good food. My favorite food cooked by my mother is Karela(bitter gourd) and Paneer butter masala.

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